The Envelope Podcast – Episode #65: Unforgiven


Episode #65: Unforgiven


Ladies & Gentlemen. Welcome to The Envelope Podcast. Here on The Envelope, we discuss & review every Best Picture Winner in the Academy Awards History.

On this episode, we discuss the sixty-fifth Best Picture Winner: “UNFORGIVEN.”

Disgusted by Sheriff “Little Bill” Daggett’s decree that several horses make up for a cowhand slashing a prostitutes’s face, Big Whiskey prostitutes, led by the fierce Strawberry Alice, take justice into their own hands and put a $1,000 bounty on the lives of the perpetrators. Notorious outlaw-turned-hog farmer William Munny is sought out by neophyte gunslinger “the Schofield Kid” to go with him to Big Whiskey and collect the bounty. While Munny insists, “I ain’t like that no more,” he needs the bounty money for his children, and the two men convince Munny’s clean-living comrade Ned Logan to join them in righting the wrong done by Sheriff “Little Bill” Daggett.  Directed by Clint Eastwood, “Unforgiven” stars Clint Eastwood as Bill Munny, Gene Hackman as Little Bill Daggett, Morgan Freeman as Ned Logan, Jaimz Woolvett as The ‘Schofield Kid’, Frances Fisher as Strawberry Alice, and Richard Harris as English Bob.

Check out the episode below:

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