Special Guest For Ep. #70: Producer, Manager & BloodList Creator Kailey Marsh!!

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The Cinema Squad is thrilled to welcome a new special guest for Episode #70:

Producer, Manager & BloodList Creator Kailey Marsh!!  Let’s meet her:

Kailey Marsh (@KaileyMarsh)

kailey press pic.png

Kailey Marsh is a literary manager, producer and cinephile.  Founded in 2013, her company Kailey Marsh Media represents screenwriters and directors whose work spans all genres in the feature, television and new media space. Before becoming a manager, Kailey assisted Steven Schneider on PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, and then moved to Circle of Confusion, where she assisted two literary managers, and discovered a love for client representation, and started BloodList in 2009.

Kailey has been managing client’s since late 2010, and has become a ‘tastemaker’ known for discovering new talent.  Some of her clients include Seth Sherwood (Leatherface, Day of the Dead, Off World) who is writing the horror film HELLFEST for CBS Films / Valhalla. Michael John Roberts (BoJack Horseman, F Is for Family) is the supervising director on the upcoming TBS show FINAL SPACE and created a series for Youtube Red / WWE starring John Cena, which is in production.  Peter Hoare (Trip Tank) is writing a feature for EOne and is a Story Editor on KEVIN CAN WAIT at CBS.   Lee Fleming (Friends, One Tree Hill) is a consulting producer, and writer on GRAD NIGHT, an upcoming show on HULU. Patrick Day writes for TellTale Games (Batman), and the list goes on. Kailey, as well as her other clients, has multiple projects in different stages of development, production, and post-production at financiers and networks.  Her dream is to win a Best Picture Oscar for a horror film she’s produced.

The BloodList – bloodlist.com

BloodList was created in 2009 to bring attention to unproduced dark genre screenplays & pilots in circulation. A calendar year for a script to be considered runs from October 31st to the following October 31st, the list is announced around Halloween annually. Only working executives can vote on the list. BloodList has become a resource for dark genre producers searching for the perfect material, and some snatch their next project here first. On top of the annual list, BloodList is expanding into a producing, and financing entity.

Be sure to tune into this week’s Podcast which is set to drop on Sunday, Oct. 22nd.  We’ll give you all the latest movie news covering everything from script to screen.

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As for the rest of the Cinema Squad, we have the usual suspects:

Sean Wathen – Creator & Moderator  (@Cinema_Squad)


Sean Wathen is a screenwriter from Louisville, Kentucky who moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a writing career. While working in production offices such as “House, MD,” “24,” & MTV Studios, Sean pursued his love of writing. Recently, his screenplays “Iron Dragon” & “Timegate” were optioned to Fotocomics Productions, and his contained horror/thriller script “The Gotham Hotel” was optioned to Anacapa Pictures.  In the past, his screenplay “The Field” was optioned to Dune Entertainment & Stormchaser Films, his screenplay “ALICE” was optioned to Array Pictures, and his screenplay “Second Shot” was optioned to Status Media & Entertainment. In 2014, he was named on Tracking Board’s ‘Young & Hungry List – Top 100 Writers on the Verge,” and he was hired to adapt graphic novels for State & Cabrillo Productions, Inc. as well as Solipsist Films.

Skye Wathen – Show Host  (@1blueskye)

12742268_680415652060869_7299178785315528530_nSkye Wathen has been working in production for both television and film since 2006. Her credits include “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” “The Revenant,” “Moneyball,” “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “12 Deadly Days” for Youtube Red, “The New Edition Story” for BET, and “Taskmaster” for Comedy Central. She is now Vice President of Production at Live Nation Productions. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Skye’s love of all thing Hollywood began at a very young age. She enjoys all things nerdy and crafty and is the proud fur-mom to Bruce, a shar pei mix puppy.

Josh Clement – Recurring Panelist (@joshuamclement)


Born in NYC and raised in Los Angeles, Josh Clement has been listening to Skye’s views on film for more than two decades. He grew up memorizing the words to “Mrs. Doubtfire”, watching movie musicals and getting sucked in to the Turner Classic Movie channel. An actor and writer, he has spent many a summer performing in regional theatre. He’s worked in film development, Broadway ticketing, music and merchandising, but always comes back to his love of everything film-related. He is currently editing his first novel about one woman’s adventures working in the temp world of New York City.

We are the Cinema Squad (@Cinema_Squad & CS_Facebook)


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