Cinema Squad SPECIAL Episode 29.5 – ‘#FollowFriday’ Feature Film Interview

cinema squad logo.png

On this Special Episode of the Cinema Squad Podcast, we sat down with Writer/Director Micho Rutare & Actor/Writer Joseph Poliquin to discuss their latest film “#FollowFriday.”

Check out the episode below, or catch it on iTunes!

We sincerely want to thank Micho & Joe for doing our interview, they’re both incredible guys who were a lot of fun to chat with.  Hopefully we can have them back again!

Be sure to follow them both on Twitter to keep up with everything they have going on:

Micho Rutate (@MichoRutare)

Director of Development at The Asylum – Writer/Director


Joseph Poliquin (@Henry_The_Fifth)


Joe Poliquin.png

Keep an eye on the SyFy Channel for their film “#FollowFriday.”


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