Special Guest on the Cinema Squad Ep #4!

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On this week’s Cinema Squad Podcast, we have a NEW special guest:

Mr. Dan Horstman!     Let’s meet him:

Dan Horstman


Dan Horstman is a mad scientist hell bent on world domination. He has worked in film preservation, TV production (Scrubs Season 8, House M.D. Seasons 4 – 8), and currently does software testing and product management for screenwriting software giant Final Draft in the iOS department. Inspired by such visionaries as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Peter Diamandis, James Cameron, and Sir Richard Branson, Dan Horstman recently launched his own space company, Intergalactic Innovations, with the ultimate goal of making intergalactic travel by humans a reality. In the short term, to raise money for this lofty endeavor, the company is going to make board games, video games (desktop and mobile), websites, and whatever other crazy schemes this low rent Bond villain can delude himself into thinking will make every man, woman, and child grovel at his feet. He also writes screenplays, TV pilots, short stories, inflammatory Facebook comments, and is working on his first novel. Company website: http://intergalacticinnovations.com/

Be sure to tune into this week’s Podcast which is set to drop on Sunday, March 13th.  We’ll give you all the latest movie news covering everything from script to screen.

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As for the rest of the Cinema Squad, we have the usual suspects:

Sean Wathen – Creator & Moderator  (@SMWathen & @Cinema_Squad)


Sean Wathen is a screenwriter from Louisville, Kentucky who moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a writing career. While working in production offices such as “House, MD,” “24,” & MTV Studios, Sean pursued his love of writing. In 2014, he was named on the Tracking Board’s ‘Young & Hungry List – Top 100 Writers on the Verge.’ In 2015, his screenplay “The Field” was optioned to Dune Entertainment & Stormchaser Films, his script “Riverside” was optioned to Fotocomics Productions, his contained horror/thriller “The Gotham Hotel” was optioned to Artimage Entertainment, and his screenplay “Second Shot” was optioned to Status Media & Entertainment. In 2014, he was hired to adapt graphic novels for State & Cabrillo Productions, Inc. as well as Solipsist Films.

Skye Wathen – Show Host  (@1blueskye)


Skye Wathen has been working in production for both television and film since 2006. Her credits include “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”, “The Revenant”, and “MONEYBALL”. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Skye’s love of all thing Hollywood began at a very young age. She enjoys all things nerdy and crafty and is the proud fur-mom to Bruce, a shar pei mix puppy.

Lee Perez – Original Panelist (@DorkUp & @leegonz80)


Lee Perez is a native of South Texas and has been working in the entertainment industry since 2005. Working production on all types of entertainment from extremely low budget indie movies and reality TV to award winning scripted shows and huge blockbusters. His credits include “House M.D.”, “Drive”, “Hangover 3” and most recently “Straight out of Compton”. In 2013 he started DorkUp.com as a creative outlet for his love of all things nerdy.

Joshua Dobkin – Original Panelist (@jddobkin)


Joshua Dobkin was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, but grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. A month after graduating from Full Sail University, he moved to Los Angeles and started working as an on-set production assistant on “Without a Trace.” Shortly after that, he landed at “Scrubs” as the Art Department Coordinator and has since bounced around various tv shows & feature films including “Drive,” “Extant,” and “The Office.” In 2015, his screenplay “The Field” was optioned to Dune Entertainment & Stormchaser Films.

We are the Cinema Squad (@Cinema_Squad & CS_Facebook)

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